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Rosemary Citrus Cleaner

Clean your kitchen with this food safe cleaner made with just a few simple ingredients!
Prep Time10 minutes
Wait Time14 days
Total Time14 days
Servings: 2 spray bottles


  • White vinegar to fill mason jar 2/3 full
  • Citrus peels to fill the jar
  • A few sprigs rosemary or a few drops of your favorite essential oil
  • Water to dilute vinegar solution


  • Fill a mason jar ⅔ full with white vinegar.
  • Add citrus peels to the jar of vinegar as you use the fruit. Keep going until the jar is mostly full. It is ok if this takes a few days or weeks to fill. Keep the lid closed tight.
  • Add a few sprigs of rosemary to the jar or essential oils (if using).
  • Keep the lid tightly on the jar and let the mixture sit for 2+ weeks.
  • Strain the vinegar and add to a spray bottle diluted with roughly 1 part water to 1 part vinegar. Use less water for a stronger cleaning solution.
  • Start cleaning!